Happy Birthday to us – We are 3!

How our vision of a Unicorn has become a Shire Horse.

When we started Inari back in 2017, we wanted to harness our expertise to build the platform we wish we had had through our career as insurance and tech practitioners. Of course, this would be the much-vaunted tech unicorn. Looking back, three years of experience tells us that our approach to insurance innovation is unique but rather than a unicorn, what we needed to become was a shire horse; a business that remains loyal to its founding belief to build something that really does do the heavy lifting that our clients need.

Like any start up, our journey has taken on a fascinating route of experimenting, adapting and learning. We won lovely clients, built on a very strong culture of excellence in delivery thanks to an incredible and talented team of Inari believers and along the way, we benefited from fantastic support from friends, old and new-found.

We were thrilled of being accepted into the Cohort 3 @ Lloyd’s Lab in 2019. If there was ever a defining moment for us it was this experience that truly showed us the path we needed to follow in being a shire horse. Our time there proved to us the importance and value of little things: it is the accumulation of little things that have made the insurance so cumbersome and tedious. By pulling the weight and doing all the heavy lifting in a very governed and transparent manner, we were giving back to our customers valuable resources which were otherwise misdirected. For an underwriter, we could reduce 5 hours’ worth of decision time down to 5 minutes and empower the underwriter with the same level of information, if not more. We had given the underwriter their most valuable commodity; time. Time to truly evaluate the risk being presented and create a whole new level of certainty in those risk selected. Being part of the Lloyd’s Lab was also a steppingstone in building strong relationship with other members of the insurtech community; those with whom we share the same common goal of building a unique ecosystem for the industry.

Our alchemy: Being abreast about the technology we deploy while omniscient with innovation around us. It is this blend that has made Inari a true next-generation business capable of responding to our customer desires today and accompanying their digital journey. For this very reason, we have, for example, built a new layer of integration between current and legacy systems that can easily integrate into the Inari ecosystem meaning an easier pathway of transformation for our clients.

We are proud of how we have integrated Blockchain into our core architecture. Our use of this powerful technology has proven its benefits, not only on a technological front but more importantly to our customers. So, look out for our upcoming blogs where we will share more of our thinking about Blockchain as well as harnessing legacy integration.

So, what’s next for us? Continue to scale up our company in strategic markets and build up our product offerings. We have become defined by our agile mindset and that we are a company whose technology is truly made by and intended for use by humans. Hence, a pragmatic approach in our problem solving and an intuitive user experience. No relaxing into a business as usual mindset here, we will continue to listen, learn, and then experiment building MVPs and scaled solutions for our clients. Ultimately, we are continuing our journey. A journey we are on together – with our customers, partners and our team.

We are 3: grown ups yet? As we continue to evolve our product and business, we will be sharing our journey and our thinking with you in these blogs and via other channels. If you like what you read and want to learn more about the Inari experience, then get in touch at hello@inari.io and we’d love to give you a demo of our solutions.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have a topic or thought to share then please do, we want these blogs to be for you.

In the meantime, the Birthday balloons are up and party hats ready. After all, We are 3!

About us:

We are Inari, Innovation “for insurers, by insurers”.

Lloyd’s Lab alumni, Inari is a cloud-based API-first platform boosted by an orchestration and governance engine, harnessing Blockchain, Data and ML to deliver a digital-first experience in underwriting, binder management, exposure, and portfolio monitoring. A modular and flexible data model that delivers what the business needs under a user-friendly front-end.